Spice the Americas Food Truck & Catering is a new business to Metro Atlanta that engaged Nuance Marketing for their Food Truck Branding. Originating from Philadelphia, Spice the Americas moved to Atlanta expanding their catering expertise to the Food Truck business. Spice the Americas cuisine and menu combines favorites from North and South America in an impressive mix of familiar and delicious food items.

Our agency Nuance Marketing has been helping Spice the Americas with a number of areas of their brand including:

  • Logo Revision
  • Website Revision
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Food Truck Branding & Full Wrap
  • Menu Photography

Logo Revision

Luckily the Spice the Americas team had an original logo that was created by the founder and Chef, Ernest Hines. The creative logo incorporated the S and P from SPICE into an artful representation of a chef cooking with smoke. The challenges with the first logo was the lack of a high quality vector format of the logo coupled with readability.

Our team endeavored to maintain an element of the original logo while elevating the design aesthetic and the usability of the log in digital formats and also for large scale brand reproductions like a full vehicle wrap. The final product incorporated elements from the first design while creating a new branding aesthetic.


Website Design


The Spice team had a previous website but it wasn’t performing well in search engine results and needed an aesthetic lift. With the focus on a mobile food truck and catering business, it is essential the site is appealing and represents the brand well. You can check out the Spice the Americas website here.

Social Media Strategy

Spice the Americas had a minor presence on social media with Instagram. Our agency developed a supplemental social media strategy that expanded their presence on Twitter and also established a Facebook business page. We prepared a buzz video introducing Chef Hines and the concept of Spice the Americas cuisine and promoted it with a FB ad campaign that allowed us to reach over 4,000 views. We also supplement the feed with related topics for Food Trucks and related events in Atlanta.

Spice the Americas Facebook Profile

Food Truck Branding & Full Wrap

With the logo revised and the brand introduced to social media it was time to brand the Spice the Americas food truck. Our agency provided art direction to Extreme Color as they prepared a vehicle wrap design and install process for the Food Truck.

Spice the Americas Food Truck Pre-Wrap

The truck arrived in Atlanta with a state of the art food truck kitchen on the inside and a rough, unbranded exterior on the outside. The truck was a snack truck in Philadelphia with previous decals. We collaborated with Extreme Color to create a design that would differentiate the brand and showcase the North and South American cuisine.


Menu Photography

Creating visuals to support the brand on social media and the website required some professional images of the fantastic cuisine that Chef Ernest Hines and his team at Spice the Americas creates. Because Spice the Americas does Food Truck and catering we arranged for images to be captured of their cuisine for both purposes.

Peach Sriracha Wings- Spice the Americas - Menu Pics by Nuance Marketing Peruvian Chicken Skewers - Spice the Americas - Menu Pics by Nuance Marketing Shrimp and Grits - Spice the Americas - Menu Pics by Nuance Marketing Spice the Americas - Menu Pics by Nuance Marketing

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