Management Consultation

Driving Development of Comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Solutions

Our team has direct experience helping companies formulate and enhance their holistic approach toward diversity.  From workforce to supplier diversity, our consultation will assist in the development of key infrastructure tools that will build diversity solutions appropriate for your organization’s culture.

 Our strategies will enhance your current relationships with clients that value diversity and expect their suppliers to do the same.  Further by developing a comprehensive approach toward diversity you gain a competitive advantage by having a proactive strategy in place.

Components of Diversity & Inclusion Consultation Include:

Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Policy Statements on Diversity
  • Corporate Mission Statements on Diversity

Executive Management Consultation

  • Diversity Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Affiliations & Sponsorship Strategy

Associate Diversity Resources

  • Diversity Message Map
  • Business Case for Diversity – Valuing & Leveraging Diversity
  • Intra-net Micro Site Support

Workforce Diversity

  • Workforce Diversity Composition Analysis
  • Recruitment & Retention Strategies
  • Sensitivity Training

Supplier Diversity – Supply Chain Management/Procurement

  • Supplier Registration Website
  • Supplier Sourcing & Commodity Analysis
  • Supply Chain Inclusion Analysis
  • Supplier Sourcing Assistance
  • Performance Based Supplier Diversity Goals
  • Client Reporting on Supplier Diversity Performance

Marketing & Communications Supporting Diversity

  • Communications Plan
  • Advertising Recommendations (in supplier diversity and diversity publications)
  • PR Support – Spreading the Word

Diversity Training

Our team will provide comprehensive training for executives and associates on workforce and supplier diversity.  Training content available includes:

  • Understanding Diversity
  • Business Case for Supplier Diversity – The Link to Market Share
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Reaching Multicultural Markets

Our consultation focuses on communicating why diversity makes business sense for the agency while integrating functional solutions and resources.   Whether we are enhancing an existing commitment or creating an entire approach toward diversity we will get you where you want to be.

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