How a design student outclassed Microsoft and every major agency

Refreshing a brand for a iconic company like Microsoft could be challenging even for the most venerated agencies. It can take months of research, exploration, client meetings, starts and restarts. So how did a 21 year-old Art Center student do it in 3 days and make it look so effortless?

By all measures Andrew Kim is a beast. Check out his website here. He does a great job chronicling his thought process and the evolution of his ideas. He plainly states what’s wrong with Microsoft, sizes up the competition (Apple and Google) and proposes a bold, flexible and refreshingly simple solution, most of which is captured below.

Every agency that has every done work for Microsoft should pack up its offices and shut down, because they were out-strategized, out-executed and out-classed by a student. Or they should offer him a job, which he probably would decline because based on the way this is being circulated on the Internet, he will have no problem finding major clients.

What do you think of the Next Microsoft?